JH2 Philosophy of Language: Autumn 2010

This page is to keep my tutees updated on tutorial topics.  The main JH2 page is on Moodle.

Attendance.  We’ll have four meetings in Room 216, 67 Oakfield Avenue.  Tutorial attendance is taken and required.  If attendance falls off, I will amalgamate groups.

REQUIRED reading.  You must each week do the reading assigned below.  NOTE that I reserve the right (which this year I intend to exercise) to ask you to leave tutorials for which you're not prepared.  The presence of numerous unprepared students ruins tutorials for those who are prepared.

Tutorial schedule.  See the table below.  This is flexible, so I'll leave topics struck through until confirmed.  

For now, I propose we do the following:


Each week, I will set at least one classic reading plus the relevant bit of Alan's lecture notes.
That's required, but you should be doing more reading than that.  There are a few further suggestions below, but the best place for lists of secondary reading you might do is the JH2 moodle site.

 1Basic SemanticsWeek 3
6 Oct
Weir's Lecture Notes: Basic Semantic - on Moodle
Kemp's Lecture Notes: Naive Semantics - on Moodle

 2Frege's theory of sense
Week 5
20 Oct
Frege, "On Sense and Reference", in Course Pack, also on Moodle
Weir's Lecture Notes: Fregean Semantics - on Moodle

 3Russell's theory of Descriptions
(& finishing off Frege)
Week 7
3 Nov
Russell, "Descriptions", in Course Pack
Weir's Lecture Notes: Russellian Semantics

The following are optional:

Miller, A. Philosophy of Language (2nd edition).  Ch. 2
Optional: Lycan, W. Philosophy of Language. Ch .2
Optional: Martin, Robert M. The Meaning of Language. Ch. 13

(& finishing off Russell)
Week 9
17 Nov
Quine, W. V. O.  Word and Object.  Ch. 2 - in reading pack
Weir's Lecture Notes:  Quinean Semantics

The following are optional:

Orenstein, A:  Quine (Acumen 2002)
Hookway, C. Quine:  Language, Experience, and Reality (Polty 1988)
Kemp, G. Quine:  A Guide for the Perplexed (London: Continuum, 2006)
Hylton, P.  Quine (London: Routledge, 2007).