VOS Project 3-Year Doctoral Studentship

Value of Suffering Project funded PhD Studentship for 2013-2016

This post is part of the project, The Value of Suffering: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Nature, Meaning and Role of Affective Experience. Based in the University of Glasgow (Philosophy, School of Humanities), the project runs from 1 September 2013 to 31 May 2016. It will involve six workshops, three conferences, and various research outputs. Dr David Bain and Dr Michael Brady are its Principal Investigators (PIs). The post is full-time and the post-holder/student will: (i) help administer the project, in particular playing a role in organising the workshops and conference and in maintaining the project website and blog, and

(ii) conduct his or her own doctoral research, under the supervision of at least one of the two PIs, on the project’s themes.

IMPORTANT: these themes are broad. The project is concerned with the nature and value of affective experience in general, not only with suffering. Numerous topics from across philosophy, especially philosophy of mind and value theory, would be appropriate. These include questions about the nature of pain and suffering, emotion, pleasure, and (other) perceptual experiences; the affective and hedonic dimensions of such states, both positive and negative; their value and disvalue, and so forth. For more on the project, see here.


The award is a fully-funded PhD studentship for 3 years full-time. For 2013-14, the studentship will total £19,602. It will continue at a similar level in each of the remaining two years and will cover Home/EU fees (£3,900 pa) plus maintenance.

Some opportunities for undergraduate teaching may also be available.


The studentship is open to UK and International students with a good first degree in any subject and a Master’s in Philosophy or a project-related subject (UK 1st or 2:1, US 3.4 GPA or higher for first degree; Distinction or Merit or equivalent for Master’s) and with evidence of ability to produce research in areas relevant to the project’s themes.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The post holder’s principal duties and responsibilities are:

To write and complete his or her own PhD under the joint supervision of at least one of the two PIs.

To play a role in the day-to-day administration of the project with the postdoctoral fellow.

To play a role in the day-to-day maintenance of the project’s website and blog with the postdoctoral fellow.

To attend project meetings, where appropriate, with the two PIs and the postdoctoral fellow.


The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 12 July 2013. Interviews are provisionally scheduled for Wednesday 24 July 2013.

Applications should include the following materials:


Covering letter describing in detail your interest in and suitability for undertaking this project

An example of scholarly work up to 4000 words in length (e.g. coursework essay, or a dissertation chapter)

Degree transcripts (this may be an interim transcript if you are still studying)

2 academic references (these may be sent directly from your referees if they would prefer)

Please send application materials to david.bain@glasgow.ac.uk with the subject line ‘Suffering Project Application.’


For more information about the project please visit here or contact david.bain@glasgow.ac.uk or michael.brady@glasgow.ac.uk.