PhD Inquiries

I am very happy to receive inquiries regarding doctoral research. If you are interested in working with me, please make contact before formally applying to Glasgow so we can discuss ideas and ways forward. At some point -- this is not needed when you first get in touch -- it would be useful for me to get from you at least a rough research proposal and CV (see below).

For some years, I have supervised PhD theses on a wide range of topics including but going well beyond the core interests listed on my research page here. For some examples, see here.

Note that the University always assigns two supervisors, in various ratios (75:25, 50:50). If pain is your thing, note that in me and Jennifer Corns we have in Glasgow not one but two experts in philosophy of pain! See also here on Glasgow Philosophy's expertise in philosophy of mind.

Research proposal

Aim for roughly 600 - 1200 words, clearly setting out the issues you want your thesis to address, and some of the literature likely to be most relevant. It's unlikely and undesirable that you'll already know precisely what conclusions you're likely to reach, but even a rough indication of the anticipated direction of your research -- perhaps the distinctive contribution you hope to make -- would be helpful. If your thesis is to continue some research already undertaken, please explain what you have done so far and how you wish to develop it.


Whether or not you send a CV, please ensure I know what degrees you have and from where; how much philosophy you have done so far; and what results you achieved.

The Application

The above is to enable you and me to decide whether I am likely to be a suitable supervisor, and indeed about which if any other supervisors it might be useful to involve (joint supervision is typically an option). Should you wish to proceed further, you would need to:

(i) make a formal application for PhD study at Glasgow, to be considered by the Department; and

(ii) consider funding for your studies.